The below is an extract from an article for the autumn edition of Prep School Magazine by Shirley Drummond, head at St Helen’s College in Hillingdon on how and why Mindfulness should be an essential part of every school’s curriculum and daily practice.

Schools are busy places for our pupils and we expect our children’s brains to ‘ache’ each day as they are challenged in lessons by the curriculum and teachers’ questioning, and asked to demonstrate their understanding of what they have learnt. It is therefore so important that we support children in coping with each busy school day and their busy lives in general.

I am delighted that many schools are now promoting Mindfulness to give the children time to be in the present moment: noticing, feeling, sensing and bringing attention to their breathing.

Mindful moments at St. Helen’s College allow the children to be in mindful silence in assemblies, and there is a magical moment when, as adults and children, we feel a true connectedness through our ‘strong’ silence as we bring attention to our breath and the present moment.

To read the this article in full, look out for your school’s copy of Prep School Magazine in the autumn, or read it online once it had been published. St. Helen’s College is a co-educational prep school for children aged 2-11 in Hillingdon, West London.