Are you looking to ensure that your leaders and high potential talent can withstand change and pressure in today’s complex world and perform to their optimum?

Is this you?

Do you want to attract and retain the right talent for your professional services business?

Are you concerned that your people are now facing unprecedented challenges?

Are you interested in proactively supporting mental wellbeing and minimising unnecessary costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and high turnover?

At The Resilience Consultancy we are on a mission to provide essential psychological skills and strategies to resource your people.

With over forty years combined expertise in both mental health, therapy and executive coaching, experience has taught us the key ingredients to transform both mindsets and performance.

We use a combination of coaching and bespoke training programmes to proactively create resourceful, resilient people.

Client Feedback

  • "I really enjoyed this session –it came at such a perfect time for me. I realise I need to make some changes and am grateful for the techniques taught to improve my mental wellbeing"
  • "Very informative, engaging and mind opening regarding mental wellbeing, I have gained useful techniques to help me manage stress both at work and home. This course should be mandatory for every employee in my company"
  • "I really valued having the opportunity to take a step back and think more deeply, learnt some very valuable tools and techniques for self-help and ways to cope with stressors at home and work and how to role model this for my staff. I strongly believe that this is a subject we could all do with knowing a lot more about"
  • "I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious having recently been promoted to lead a new service at work. I felt a lot of pressure to perform and deliver but I wasn’t able to put this into practice. The coaching gave me confidence in my own ability and time and space to reflect on how to do leadership in my own style. I now feel calmer and better equipped to go into situations that before I wouldn’t have handled as well and now know I can effectively lead the team without having to know all the answers."
  • "When I started the coaching I was experiencing a lot of stress and feeling lost in my career. I had had a very demanding and difficult time at work but the coaching enabled me to put things in perspective and gave me time to reflect, recharge my batteries and focus on what I bring to my leadership role instead of focusing on the negatives. As a result I have regained the energy and belief that I am capable of doing my role and more. This programme was a very powerful, fantastic experience"
  • "The coaching has made me calmer, more in control and more confident in my work life and as a result the rest of my life. I have a better understanding of who I am, what I have achieved and what I still want to achieve. I now have a clear path to follow and feel optimistic that I am working towards this future goal. Taking the time to take stock and reflect in this way has been hugely beneficial"
  • "I highly recommend Hilary’s coaching; she is highly skilled in introducing various tools, techniques and asking very insightful questions which have made a real difference to my perspective."
  • "From the moment I started working with Hilary I found her to be insightful and responsive. She tuned straight into my needs and goals and throughout the programme found the most appropriate next step for me, adapting her exercises and techniques so that I would get the most from every session. Her approach is thoughtful, kind and infinitely encouraging, but she will challenge you too."

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